The Eva Serrano Gymnasium at Les Murlins - The "Ville d'Art et d'Histoire" heritage break

This service is no longer available. Orléans


It's no coincidence that this gymnasium has been designated a Preparation Centre for the Paris 2024 Games. Gymnastics is a discipline that has been practised for decades in Orléans, with success since several athletes have distinguished themselves in national and international competitions. A tour guide and a member of the Orléans Gymnastics Society will tell you all about the construction of this hall and introduce you to some of the athletes and the special equipment they use to train.
This visit is organised in partnership with the Sports and Leisure Department of Orléans City Council and the SMO Gymnastique.

Departure point: in front of the gymnasium entrance.
  • :
    • Pets not allowed
At a glance
  • Langue :
    • Français
  • Rate :
    • 4,50€ / pers.
  • Mode of visit :
    • walking tour
  • Duration :
    • 45 min
  • Registration :
    • Mandatory
  • Gratuit :
    • (sur justificatif) Moins de 18 ans, étudiants, personnes à handicap et 1 accompagnant, personnes bénéficiant de minima sociaux, adhérent au PASSé-simple.
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  • Please note :
    • Pour tout renseignement : 02 38 24 05 05 ou