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DOMAIN de Chambord
Like François I, Louis XIV, Molière or Victor Hugo in their time, let yourself be carried away by the splendour of the place and create your own journey through 70 rooms and 500 years of French History. The double revolution staircase is undoubtedly the most striking architectural feature of the château. This staircase, where, as if by magic, one can go up on either side without ever meeting each other while following each other with the eyes, continues to exert on its spectators the same fascination as on the first day.
Chenonceau Castle
Known as the Château des Dames, the Château de Chenonceau is one of the most majestic castles of the Loire Valley. Cherished by Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Médicis, it is the perfect embodiment of the elegance of the Renaissance châteaux built in the Loire Valley in the 16th century. Let yourself be transported into its many furnished rooms, charmed by its sublime arches spanning the Cher and its sumptuous French gardens.

Royal Castle of Blois
Richly furnished and decorated, the Royal Castle of Blois is one of the most important castles in the Loire Valley, due to its architectural mix and its history. Seven kings and ten queens of France have lived here and left their mark, offering visitors many wonders to discover, such as its iconic staircase. Let yourself be seduced by this fast-paced castle with over a thousand years of history.

An audio tour of Orléans
Come and discover the key monuments of Orléans, while strolling through the streets and alleys of the historic centre. Your tour, punctuated by commentaries, will guide you through the centuries to find yourself in the footsteps of Joan of Arc or even illustrious kings of France.

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