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Royal Castle of Amboise:
Imagine a palace perched on a mountainous cape above the Loire, and imagine gardens suspended between heaven and earth… Amboise was one of the favorite sites of the kings of France when they transformed their country during the Renaissance. Anne of Brittany, 
François 1 or Leonardo da Vinci (buried in the chapel of the castle), are familiar faces that we rediscover here thanks to the HistoPad. It's a living castle open to nature, and a sanctuary for more than 90 species of birds, Amboise also offers a unique 360° view of landscapes listed 
as World Heritage by UNESCO.

The Clos Lucé:
At the Château du Clos Lucé, Le Jardin de Léonard has been designed in the same way: all the answers to questions about the Master are there, accessible to children and adults alike.
Trees, plants, as well as the movements of water found in his texts or paintings come back to life in this garden dedicated to nature.
Château Gaillard (Amboise):
This small Italian palace surrounded by the first gardens of the French Renaissance was rediscovered and opened its doors to the public after 5 years of restoration. No less than 5 years of restoration by 300 workers, 50 craftsmen and a dozen craftsmen from the Loire Valley 
were needed to bring this marvelous site back to life. 4,500 small hollies, 80,000 slates, 200 fruit trees, 800 stump trees, 8,000 stained glass windows, 850 bags of lime and natural pigments sum up the scale of a titanic project. Fresco painter, art ironworker, stonemason, sculptor, 
master glassmaker, ceramist, roofer, fountain worker, botanist, gardener, or even dowser, so many craftsmen mobilized to restore an authentic and original soul and spirit to the castle.
An audioguided tour of Orléans
Discover the must-see monuments of Orléans, while strolling through the streets and alleys of the historic center. Your journey, punctuated with comments, will guide you through the centuries as you follow in the footsteps of Joan of Arc or even illustrious kings of France.

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